SQL Server: Delete Columns of a Table

Use ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN statement to delete one or more columns of a table using T-SQL.

ALTER TABLE [schema_name.]table_name 
DROP column column_name1, column_name2,... column_nameN;

The following deletes the Address column of the Employee table.

ALTER TABLE dbo.Employee

The following deletes multiple columns of the Employee table.

Example: DROP Columns
ALTER TABLE dbo.Employee
DROP COLUMN Address, Phone, Email;

Delete Columns Using SSMS

Open SSMS and connect to the SQL Server instance. In Object explorer, expand the database and the Tables folder. Locate the table and expand the columns folder to display the column names.

Right-click on the column name which you want to delete and click delete.

Delete Column in SQL Server

This will open "Delete Object" page, as shown below.

Delete Column in SQL Server

Click OK to delete a column.

Finally, save the changes from File menu -> Save.