JSON Formatter

This JSON formatter tool formats single-line or unorganized JSON data into a more beautiful, structured, and readable format by adding indentation, and line breaks.


How to use this tool?

You can write or paste JSON data into the input textbox. You can also upload a .json file using the Upload JSON File button or directly drag and drop the .json file into the input textbox. Next, click on the Format button to format JSON data and the formatted JSON data will be displayed in the output textbox.

Copy the output code by clicking on the Copy button or click on the Download JSON File button to download the data.json file in your browser.

This tool uses Douglas Crockford's JSLint .

Why format JSON data?

Unformatted or single-line JSON text is difficult to read and comprehend. JSON formatter makes it much easier for developers and other users to review and understand the JSON data and its structure.