Get Free SSL Certificates from ZeroSSL is a Certificate Authority that provides free certificates for 90 days. The free DV certificates from ZeroSSL are valid for 90 days and can be renewed easily and recognized by all the major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.


ZeroSSL comes with a fully-featured and straightforward SSL REST API, supporting certificate creation, validation, renewal and management, as well as automated status webhooks.

Zerossl RestAPI

ZeroSSL Features:

  • Supports free 90-days certificate as well as premium 1-year certificate with easy certificate validation and installation.
  • Provides free multi-domains certificates to protect multiple websites.
  • Supports wildcard SSL to protect a fixed or variable number of sub-domains using your SSL certificate.
  • Generates CSR automatically instead of entering general, admin and tech contact information manually, or simply paste your existing CSR.
  • Supports one-step email validation as well as CNAME validation to verify one or more domains for your SSL certificate.
  • Provides intuitive management console, allowing you to configure new SSL certificates, take care of validation, installation, and manage all of your existing certificates with ease.
  • Developers can use ZeroSSL management console to access or reset their API access key, as well as navigate to the ZeroSSL API documentation for integration guides and code examples in different programming languages.
  • SSL monitoring allows you to check the health of the certificates.
  • Supports ACME automation.

Get a Free SSL Certificate

To create a free 90 days certificate, go to Enter the domain name for which you want to get a certificate and click Next Step, as shown below.

Create ZeroSSL Certificate

You need to create a new account on ZeroSSL or login with an existing account and click Next Step.

On the next screen, click on the Create Certificate link or New Certificate button at the top to create a new certificate.

Next, enter a domain name for which you want to get a certificate and click Next Step, as shown below.

Select the 90-day certificate radio button to get a free certificate and click Next Step, as shown below.

In the next step, Auto-Generate CSR is turned on by default. If you want to generate CSR manually, then turn it off.

Here, select the Free subscription and click on Next Step, as shown below.

Next, choose the verification method and click Next Step. Email verification would be the easiest one.

In this final step, you need to verify your domain using selected verification method in the previous setp. After successful validation it will issue an SSL certificate for your domain.

Thus, you can create a free 90-days certificate from ZeroSSL.