Setup JavaScript Development Environment

Here, we are going to use JavaScript in developing a web application. So, we must have at least two things, a browser, and an editor to write the JavaScript code.

Although we also need a webserver to run a web application, but we will use a single HTML web page to run our JavaScript code. So, no need to install it for now.


Mostly, you will have a browser already installed on your PC, Microsoft Edge on the Windows platform, and Safari on Mac OS.

You can also install the following browser as per your preference:

IDEs for JavaScript Application Development

You can write JavaScript code using a simple editor like Notepad. However, you can install any open-sourced or licensed IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to get the advantage of IntelliSense support for JavaScript and syntax error/warning highlighter for rapid development.

The followings are some of the well-known JavaScript editors:

Online Editors for JavaScript

Use the online editor to quickly execute the JavaScript code without any installation. The followings are free online editors:

Learn where to write JavaScript code in a web page in the next section.